The Road to Nowhere

We all have been there at some point in our lives. For some it happens as a midlife crisis; it can be the result of reflection among the elders and their decisions and purpose leading up to their privilege of old age that can give fulfillment or regret; unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common among young adults – the prime age that was once pursued to marriage and fertility. Life at this stage is where it is really going to start, as it is said. Higher education giving the proposal to a defined life; the isle where the degree conceals the path that they vowed at the altar; then there’s the debt that results from the nourished yet frailly thin child, the degree. Few marriages end as prosperous and financially sound while others continue the cycle of poverty. By the time the young adult stage is over, mid-age is when the real financial burden of children has to be decided, and even by then it may be too late.

For some of the young adults, this path is cut short or barely given a chance at all. In a society that relies heavily on a piece of paper even for the most basic of jobs, it is no wonder that many who graduate remain unemployed. The promise to success that millennials have been taught early on become broken by life’s harsh judgments, inadequate skill building and economic strife that can thrive off of such. Without that piece of paper, we are determined as nothing. Even with that piece of paper, we have to keep feeding it and watch it grow by the amount that is piled on to pay off later, only to determine as to whether this being will live to contribute back or die. It’s a battle that is endlessly fought in the name of progression and identity all around. The expectations of old and modern standards make it all the more harder.

Being stuck at the crossroads of school and job searching, there comes a time where it is wondered if I should keep going or to essentially give up, as many of my slightly older peers have. Do I want to spend a life where I’m striving for an identity of climbing up the latter in a career that may not be as beneficial for me, or have children and sacrifice time and money by scrapping the bottom of the barrels? It’s not like my eggs could be incubated and aging process can be stopped (not that I’d want it if and when they have that access anyway.) Even the thought of becoming someone such as a housewife is becoming unfathomable because of how our economy is dependent either way. Whose truly to blame for all of it?


So, where am I going? The Road to Nowhere as many others have headed? Or, as they say, where have all the good scholars (or men?) gone to guide us?


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