[Politics] Brexit Aftermath and Ireland’s Vote on Reunification.

Yesterday was the day of the Beginning of Brexit that was brought on by its impact of votes as of June of 2016 as to whether the UK (pertaining to Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to stay or depart from the European Union. During that time period, there’s been heated discussion and opinions expressed as to whether Scotland will gain independence from the UK and Northern Ireland will join the Republic of Ireland. As the article states, the Republic of Ireland voted 63% in favor of reunification while Northern Ireland voted 22%; however, given that Northern Ireland has an overwhelmingly majority of wanting to remain in the EU as well as Scotland, this could be the turning point which Scotland and divided Ireland must compromise their settlement differences and focus primarily on the economic and travel permits that the EU previously provided for them.

According to Sinn Féin, the Irish nationalist party in the Republic of Ireland, Brexit is the ultimate turning point that surpasses the Good Friday Agreement in order to persuade the North’s majority vote on joining the nationalist party now that the Union party no longer holds the majority of N.Ireland’s vote. It is a matter of time, hypothesizing within the twenty-first century of our lifetime before reunification is ensured and exercised within the Good Friday Agreement settlement. The British would be left to blame for denouncing Dublin’s government, according to the Sinn Féin government.

What are your opinions on this? How has the departure of the EU personally affect you?


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