Existential Crises and Millennial Shortcomings

As one can see briefly from The Road to Nowhere blog, it can fairly say that it potentially sums up the fact that millennial unemployment rate is staggering at 12.8%, a study finds; of course, as I’ve stated, once an age where able-bodied workers and family starters were once around the ages of 18-29, which is now a far cry with many still staying at home such as myself. It doesn’t stop from there – I don’t even have a degree to back up my time in “bettering myself,” or any certification for any potential work, which the latter was my original intent before pursuing a degree. Of course, my counselor sees nothing wrong of the fact that I’ve obtained nothing while trying to pursue the most basic of jobs “because I’m young.” I’m young, but the time that’s being wasted with little to nowhere to go is only going to waste more of my time until I’m not so young anymore. Which leads up to my other concerns.

If I don’t start a family of my own, I don’t really know what I’ll be doing. I can’t be alone for the rest of my life due to anxiety issues which ironically tends to get worse if I’m alone for certain tasks. God knows that I do not want to end up in the asylum home or into housing, either. I can’t help but to worry about that future at this point. I have no siblings to rely on since my older brother has low-functioning autism and in a group home, which one day I will be in control as his guardian. I don’t even think I can do that if I cannot provide for myself at this point.

But, again, where do I go when I’m at a dead end and it boils down to dismissal as one simply would not want to hear such petty excuses? I would love to help in return and sincerely wish at times I did live in a generation where relying on your neighbors for the most basic of things is essential. Now? It’s about who keeps to themselves, file restraining orders when [inevitable] problems rise (which we have had to do) and extended family wants nothing to do with you so in return one disbands them. That means nobody to send occasionally cards to, no phone contact or invitation of gatherings for any occasion, no basic human contact unless I’m willing to take the extra mile with outsiders; even then I know that they wouldn’t provide the same support in any shape or form, as selfish as that is. But, honestly, who is a saint and does things for others without expectation anyway? No need to cast stones while being impure.

No, it’s not as simple as people try making such “crappy generation.” I want somewhere I can belong and make life a little less anxiety-ridden. I want to belong. I want to make something out of my life. I need the drive and the opportunity for the motive. Is that too much to ask for while being carelessly dismissed?


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