RE: Politics — Whoops! Opened The Wrong Door’

Enjoying the blog? like the page on facebook! Swaggering around with all my confidence from yesterday I stumble across a problem, I have nowhere to swagger to. I don’t really have any work on at the moment, and Vienna has been transported to the Siberian Peninsular, apparently, so what is a boy to do? […]

via #97 Politics – ‘Whoops! Opened The Wrong Door’ — Mindfump.


I have been furiously into political subjects and parties to the point that it identifies me – or should I say, had identified me, up until I started to challenge the midst of the division that I’ve created within myself.

For now, I’ll reblogging one of my favorite psychology-related blogs who seems to speak much of my mind on certain subjects, such as this one.

via @Mindfrump.


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